Ultra lightweight Bootstrap theme for Drupal.

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  1. Download and enable jQuery Update module.
  2. Download Bootstrap base theme to the themes folder.
  3. Install Tweme as usualDone! No additional configuration required!

Versus Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a base theme without any styling which has to be customized for use on the real websites. |
Tweme is its sub-theme aimed to be ready to use without any customizations and theming.


Header background

In the latest Tweme there is a special Header background region:

  1. Create an image block using Image Block contrib module.
  2. Place this block in the Header background region. The image uploaded in image block is used as a background.
  3. You can have multiple image blocks and control these blocks as usual.

Footer sitemap built-in

  1. Create a new menu with machine name footer-sitemap.
  2. Place related menu block in the Footer region.
  3. Done!

Questions and answers

Dropdown menus won't work. Why?

  1. Go to Structure > Menus > Your menu.
  2. Click Edit near the broken dropdown menu.
  3. Select Show as expanded.
  4. Save and check.

Who are using



I'm currently testing out Tweme and wanted to endorse you for the great work! Well done!

Lauro Scott-Parkin, CEO at Ingen Media

Love this theme! Let me know if I can chip in to help.

Neem Tree, Web Development & Drupal consulting

Thanks for a great solution! Its going to make my development be pretty seamless.

Rumeal Lovell, Web Developer at Fuse Washington

Priority support for free

If you like Tweme and need my support urgently (or even contribution to your project):

  1. Endorse me by starring a project on GitHub:
  2. Click New Issue and submit your problem.
  3. Now wait a bit. I will help you shortly!